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How to back-rev software?

We're trying to setup Firefox to install, but NOT the current version.  In fact, we need to detect computers which have a version greater than 50.0 of Firefox, and in that case need to install version 50.0 (and set it to not auto-update).

Why?  Because other business software we are committed to use isn't currently working with the newer versions of Firefox.  And yes, it must be Firefox.

So.... am looking to get an install package for that version, need a way to properly have the older version installed, and keep it from automatically updating.





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  • Do you have PDQ Inventory?

  • You'll want to set up a dynamic collection like the one below in PDQ Inventory.

    As for making sure autoupdate is turned off, if you use PDQ Deploy to push out an older version of Firefox from a package that PDQ created, you won't have to worry, as users will see this in "About Firefox". (Updates disabled by your system administrator)

    Otherwise, if you need to build your own Firefox package, you will likely have to modify the prefs.js file to stop automatic updates with the following line:

    user_pref("app.update.enabled", false);

    The only tricky part about working on your own with prefs.js is that the folder names will be different from user to user. However, it's made easier with a PowerShell step in the PDQ Deploy package.

    If anything I posted puts you on the right track, let me know and I can help a bit more.

  • Stephen: Yes, we have PDQ Inventory.

    Monica: Yes, you are on the right track.

    Yep, the dynamic collections sounds about right.  You mention doing this from a PDQ-created package (for the back-rev version of Firefox).  I'm wondering how to procure an older version (or if it can be done).  The PDQ Deploy library interface seems to be understandably geared towards providing the latest versions of software.

  • Deploy won't have back-versions unless you downloaded them and still have them in your repository somewhere. You can delete older packages but the install files won't be gone until you do a repository cleanup.

    Assuming you don't have back-versions in your repository, you can find old Firefox versions here:

    Download the one you need, and create an installation package for it. You might find the steps supplied in PDQ's packages helpful for getting it to work as intended.

    As for the PowerShell step, this should start you off on the right foot. You will probably need to make this recursive through all users on a PC if your devices are multi-user.

    $Path = @("C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*\prefs.js")
    Add-Content $Path "user_pref(`"app.update.enabled`", false);"
  • Actually, if you have an Enterprise license you can download previous versions from the right-side panel.

  • Ahh!! Here comes Colby with something super fancy for Enterprise! :) I never noticed that before.
    That should solve the biggest of the problems.

  • Additionally, Firefox ESR is designed for this exact reason. You may want to check that out in the Package Library and see if ESR supports your applications.