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Not planned

Tableau Reader and Tableau Desktop

Hi Team,

It would be great if you could add Tableau Desktop  or at least Tableau Reader In the Auto Deployment Package Library. Since Tableau stops working if a new version of Tableau is available. This package would help us to upgrade to the latest version quickly.




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  • I know this has been requested in the past, they wouldn't be able to add Tableau Desktop to the auto deployments since it requires that you purchase and license the software.  For Tableau Reader I'm not sure what the legalities are if they can.  However we are currently deploying Tableau Reader 10.2 these are the parameters that have worked for us not sure if they will work for Desktop as well?

    /quiet /norestart ACCEPTEULA=1
  • i too would be interested in having Tableau Reader 

  • This is something on my radar as well. The package seems very simple according to the documentation but I haven't tried anything yet. 1 person is testing the Reader before approving, or not, for their team.