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PDQ Deploy output logs

Where does PDQ Deploy store output logs for the steps in deployments that generate them? Is it on the target machine? The console machine?



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  • The output logs are stored here on the console machine: C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Deployment Output

    They are stored as gzip compressed files. The name corresponds to the DeploymentComputerSteps table in the database. The timestamp is from the Finished column and the number before the .gz is from the DeploymentComputerStepId column.

  • Thanks, Colby! Just what I wanted to hear.

  • Colby,

    I just found this thread and I have a related question; You said in your answer that the name on the log files ends with the "DeploymentComputerStepID" column. Where can I find this column, and/or what's the easiest way to find the logs for a specific deployment?

  • Save this as a PowerShell file and call it with your desired Deployment ID (you can find that in the console).

    Example: & '.\Query DeploymentComputerStepId.ps1' 32

    param (
    [int32]$Deployment_Id = $(throw "Deployment_Id is required.")

    $Monster_Query = "
    DeploymentComputerSteps.DeploymentComputerStepId AS 'Step Id',
    DeploymentComputers.ShortName AS 'Computer Name',
    DeploymentComputerSteps.Number AS 'Step Number'
    DeploymentComputerSteps on DeploymentComputers.DeploymentComputerId = DeploymentComputerSteps.DeploymentComputerId
    DeploymentComputers.DeploymentId = $Deployment_Id

    sqlite3 "C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\Database.db" "$Monster_Query"
  • Thanks! That worked perfectly. What exactly am I seeing in the output? It follows this format:

    *6-digit number unique to each entry* | *computer name* | *single-digit number, usually a 1,2, or 3*


    Ex: 382188 | testcomputer | 2

  • DeploymentComputerStepId is the primary key for the DeploymentComputerSteps table. It's the number at the end of those .gz files. In your example this is 382188.

    DeploymentComputerSteps.Number is the number of the Step for the corresponding target of the corresponding deployment. In your example this is 2.

    In the SELECT statement I gave each field a friendly name, these are at the end of the lines in the single quotes, like 'Computer Name'.

    I can make the output more directly correlate to the file name if you would like. What are you trying to do with these files?

  • This query returns the gz files of the output logs. We want to see the contents of the txt inside all those gz extension files


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