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I love PDQ Deploy. On the stream today a lot of people were talking about WSUS and windows updates. I later remembered a product called BatchPatch.

It does windows updates and software deployment. If pdq could implement how they do windows updates in a similar fashion it would be awesome. I have been considering purchasing batchpatch just for the windows update deployments.

If PDQ added windows update deployment in a similar fashion as batchpatch I am sure others, including myself would gladly pay for it as an add-on.


Keep up the good work. You all are great.



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  • This could be easier than configuring and securing our WSUS server for our remote users. I hate the fact they have to be on VPN to grab updates, but I haven't had the time or tension from above to secure the server for outside access.

  • Love Batchpatch, but it can be a bit finicky, as can WSUS. Would be interesting to see what PDQ could do. 

  • BatchPatch is awesome for forcing machines into to WSUS. I would love some kind of feature to be available within PDQ.

    What is the chances of the guys @ Admin Arsenal reviewing this?

  • Thank you for the feature request. It’s important, as we've been a customer-driven product since the beginning. I've made a note of the request, but cannot provide a timeline when, or if, the request will be approved or, if approved, with what version.

  • 4 Years old, I'm just commenting to maybe bump this thread.  It would be awesome if a similar feature was added.  I don't know how batch patch does it technically, but it must be using more cmd prompt calls or other system API's instead of powershell, since it works well across various versions without the complications of powershell modules and differences in PowerShell and OS versions.