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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to create a report of workstations three years old and newer with their memory amounts. Disregarding any machine with 16 gb.

I have created a custom field for Warranty Expire Date and set a filter in my report to "after" and 7/13/2014. All of our machines get a 3 year warranty.

But I also want to include any machine that has a blank Warranty Expire Date custom field as well as I know I stopped inputting that field less than three years ago.

Can someone provide a quick screenshot of the filters I need to accomplish this?



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  • Did you input all your Warranty Expire Dates into your custom field? You need to gather all the warranty information and use the import Wizard before this would work

  • I believe something like this should work.

  • Or you could use a more dynamic date comparison.

  • That worked perfect. Thank you


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