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PDQ Inventory - Collection Library - Runtimes - Microsoft Visual C++

I am looking to deploy via autoupdate the Visual C++ Runtimes, with many of the other auto deploy packages I have noticed there is a corresponding PDQ Inventory collection to say if the endpoint already has X application. I can not find a corresponding one for the Visual C++ Runtimes and can see no variables.


Please could one be created, thanks.



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  • I created an internal ticket requesting that all packages in the Package Library have a matching collection in the Collection Library, where applicable.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with this idea and I would like to see an entire branch of Collection Library, dedicated to the various versions of Visual C++ Runtimes added, even for versions that PDQ itself might not have packages for.  This can be very helpful for us as certain apps may require a certain version of the runtime and knowing who has what would be awesome.

  • Done. Shane created Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime collections today and I just published them.