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Repackaging, Uninstalling Silly Vendors Software

We need to be able to install software that was not really designed with a company use like printer/scanner software that has a custom, yet "brain dead" installer that harkens back to Windows 9x in its design.  We also tend to get some software installed that should have never been installed that when you try to uninstall it has a prompt to confirm uninstallation that no amount of experimenting with the command line can get rid of it easily so we cannot use PDQ Deploy.

I found a few old threads, but not a lot of products.  Do you have an application that you would recommend that would help move us towards full automation of all approved software by creating an installer/uninstaller that can always be used by PDQ Deploy






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  • AppDeploy Repackager might be what you're looking for, but I haven't used it in a very long time.

    An alternative is to write an AutoIT script to execute the installer, wait for specific windows, click Next, set installation options, click Finish, etc. .  The down side is that a user must be logged in for this to work (and he will see the installation as it's happening).

    1. Set PDQ Deploy command step to run your compiled AutoIT script.
    2. Set PDQ Deploy command step condition Logged On State to "Only run if a user is logged on."
    3. Set PDQ Deploy command step option to Run As "Deploy User (Interactive)."

    Hopefully I didn't miss any steps.