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Feature Request - PDQ Deploy - Package Updates

Is it possible to only be notified of package updates based on my currently imported packages? For example, it would be nice to not have to select skip package update on all the packages that aren't applicable in my environment.






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  • I submitted an internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented.

  • Thanks Colby. I appreciate it.

  • I would like this feature too. I use PDQ Deploy to install the Win 10 Cumulative updates during OS deployment. It saves a ton of time since it's not downloading 1 GB from Microsoft each deployment. However, the name of the package changes (especially when MS has a bad month and has a remediation round) and I don't always catch the name change and fail to update my script.

    Either it'd be nice to get notified of package updates, or be able to reference an unchanging package ID in a CLI deployment so I never have to update a package reference in a script.


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