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  • You could change the Command step to an Install step. Just make sure to enable "Include Entire Directory."

  • I think that's exactly what I need. Will it work it I just tell it to include the XML file instead of the entire directory? We have two different release channels we're deploying, so there are two XML files in that directory.

  • No, because then it would only copy the setup.exe and XML file. The Install step copies files to a temporary directory on the target and executes them from there.

  • Well, I guess it wouldn't matter if the other XML file was copied as long as the /configure switch is pointing to the right XML file, right?

  • Actually, I just realized that would end up copying the install files for both versions...definitely don't want to copy 3GB of files...

    I just separated out the current and deferred channel folders. Thanks for the help!


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