Feature Request - Force next in queue

It would be pretty awesome to have a feature built in whereby you can either set the number of concurrent running installs per package, start the next in queue after a specific step, or a right click option to force start next in queue for a given deployment.


For example, a package that copies over a large installer that takes roughly an hour to install, then does a couple of small clean up commands afterwards...

If i'm then installing this to a classroom of 20 computers, i'd reduce my number of concurrent deployments down to 4 at a time due to the bandwidth needed to push the installer out in a reasonable time, but once it's then installing on the machine itself i'm not using any network bandwidth and so could start pushing out the installers for the next ones in the queue. This would cut down installation time drastically dependent on how big the installation / deployment. 

This could be set as either a step to push the installer to the machine, a step to start next in line, and then a step to actually start installing the software (on the package itself).

Or, if i'm checking back every now and again to monitor the installation, a right click option to force the next computers that are currently in a queued state.

Any thoughts?



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  • Would love to have this, I am sitting here right now with a bunch of machines needing Flash and .NET updates. I just want to deploy one off packages to my workstation and a staff members workstation. Wish I could click a button and jump to the front of the line as a console user. Instead I wait, so far about 45 minutes because there were 80 deployments ahead of mine with a couple hundred targets. This is alright (I suppose) for my machine, however, the staff member machine might not be online once it finally gets to the front of the queue. Then I have to start all over again. Heartbeat is great for this, but doesn't help when they are offline by the time the deployment starts.

    Please, this is needed.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. We have an existing internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented.


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