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Firefox ESR 52.0


Are you working on the ESR 52.0 package yet?

I have a lot of interest for that in my organization!






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    Hi, Jelle

    We are planning on moving the ESR package over the 52 branch at the next non-patch release (which is about 6 weeks away). We usually move to the new ESR right away even though Mozilla considers the very first release of a new ESR branch as a burn in or testing phase. There were just so many changes in 52 we decided to stick with the latest 45  build until the next release.

    You can still download 52 and just use the existing ESR package as a template. Basically just duplicate the existing package and on the new copy just replace the Install file to point to the 52 exe. I would recommend testing it, however. I am a member of the Firefox distribution list and it has been crazy the last week with so many 52 ESR customers screaming that things are not working. Most notably is the planned deprecation of NPAPI (except for Flash). We just thought it better to allow our customers one more release cycle to prepare for the big move.

    After we move to 52 the Firefox ESR collections will be updated to look for versions in the 52 branch.

  • Thanks Shane,

    I guess we will stick with the 45 branch than for now..

    I will keep an eye out on future releases.

    KR J

  • Hi Jelle,

    If you haven't seen, we have released Firefox ESR 52 to the package library. 

  • Thanks!
    Will check it out.