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Shockwave Uninstall

Hey Guys!

In the interest of trying to eliminate unneeded software that may be prone to security vulnerabilities, we plan to start removing Adobe Shockwave from our campus computers.  I decided to start with a test group of lab computers and expand from there.

Do you have any plans to create a package that uninstalls Shockwave?

Earlier this morning, I was playing around with Adobe's Shockwave Uninstaller.  However, after it confirmed removal of Shockwave, the files were still present and Shockwave was still installed.  I haven't had the time yet to troubleshoot why the utility decided to lie to me, but I did look for other options in the meantime to start testing the "no one uses Shockwave anymore" theory.

It looks like you can use the .msi from the installed version of Shockwave with an /uninstall flag.  Ex:

msiexec.exe /uninstall "\\NetworkPath\sw_lic_full_installer.msi" /qn reboot=reallysuppress

I created a package, used this command line, and so far everything looks great!

I am still wondering why Adobe's uninstall utility did not work on my Win10 1607 test computers?  Have you or anyone else experienced the same issue?

My first thought is that the .exe uninstaller does not work with .msi installs. 

Regardless, I just thought that this would be a good package to add to the library as long as it works for everyone else and I am just a special cookie.




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