Uninstall Security Update KB3178690

 We have an issue going on right now that is requiring us to uninstall KB3178690.  I'm still kind of new to PDQ Deploy and would like some assistance in knowing how I can use it to uninstall this patch from my workstations.



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  • Create a Command or PowerShell step and paste this:

    wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3178690 /quiet /norestart
  • That command returned "command script returned error code 2359303"

  • Did you try to run this as "Local Machine" in your deploy step?

  • Create a Command step and use the following:

    %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:3178690 /quiet /norestart
  • Yes my package is setup to run as local system.  Just tested it again with the %systemroot%\system32 and still received the same error.

  • Have you scanned the target PC with Inventory? It looks like that error could mean the patch is not installed. 

  • It does show up in Inventory but doesn't show an install date.  But if I check on the machine itself it is showing up in installed updates.  Now to make this even more interesting it is showing up multiple times.  On my machine I see it twice for Excel and once for Visio.  On the machine that I was trying to test the uninstall package it is also showing up twice for Excel.


    The below is from my computer.

  • From what I am reading online it seems that error "2359303" against "KB3178690" carries some registry flaws with it.

    I am doing a little more digging on the issue.

  • He's getting the error because it's showing up twice as an update that has been installed. I will agree that it is certainly some sort of registry tom-foolery going on.

  • Well this is an update that MS has admitted is fouled up so that could be what is also causing it to show twice.  I really didn't want to visit all my machines to remove it but if I need to I will.  I did have to do the uninstall twice on the one machine that I uninstalled it on already. (manually)


    Thanks for all the assistance guys.

  • Having same type of thing of KB3178674.  Its causing issues for Word 2016.  Need to get the beast uninstalled from the workstations stat!  What's up with MS this month?  Did they forget to test before pushing this crap out?  Sheez!

  • Microsoft is notorious for doing this kind of thing. I always encourage those who have the capacity to spin up a WSUS server, to do so to help mitigate these issues.

    With that said, I know that doesn't help the current situation. The only thing I have been able to find that is helpful is referencing a procedure that calls to the GUID of your Office Product and then to the GUID of the Patch (KB) for Uninstall using MSIEXEC.

    Please note that this is a last ditch effort for those who don't want to go machine to machine and run the uninstaller. This has NOT been tested by me with PDQ.


    You should be able to write a command package step using the above tutorial to automate an uninstall for the KB updates that are giving you issues.

    Please keep in mind that this only work's for products using Windows Installer 3.0 and above

  • Looks like Microsoft has now released an update to fix this issue.


    I have downloaded this patch and installed it on my machine and so far so good with the patch.  


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