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Windows 10 App Scripts

 In the Webcast today, there were all sorts of beautifully written Windows 10 with powershell deploys to get app info and remove some apps... ANY chance at all those become available for the Enterprise Users?  Sorta like a use at your own risk/test before doing anything like some of the other uninstalls ?? :) :) 



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  • You mean like this? I made this for myself :)

  • Sorry, this download link isn't available anymore is the error I get when clicking! :(

  • You could easily write your own and pick out which apps you want to uninstall.
    Different environments are going to demand getting rid of or keeping different apps.

    Kris wrote a blog a while ago on getting and removing AppX packages. It's a good place to start... even if you don't know PowerShell his post will make it easier to learn.

  • Those scripts are available in the Bonus Content archive: