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Auto Deployment Deploying Old Version

I'm having a slight issue with Auto Deployments, I've got auto deployments setup to keep a bunch of apps up to date including everyone's favourite Adobe Reader DC, all of our PC's currently have 15.023.20070.  The approval period for new version is set to 7 days after a new version is released.  Stop deploying to targets once they succeed is set as well.

A new version of Adobe Reader come out yesterday (17.009.20044) and the Inventory collections have updated with the new version number and are correctly showing all the PC's as having an out of date install of Adobe.  However Deploy has decided to start deploy the old version again to all the PCs whilst the auto approval is counting down, rather than waiting for the new version to be approved. 

Any idea where I've gone wrong?




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  • I've had it happen before where I kick of a deployment in a one-off scenario and it gives me the choice when I select a package that has an update pending to go ahead and just use it instead of waiting for the approval period to end and it to auto-approve and then update the package. But I've never encountered an issue where the old version begins to deploy itself again.

    Has anything happened on the Inventory side of things recently? What about in Deploy? Did you clean  out your Computer History at all?

    We could be looking at an issue with database corruption, wherein I would engage support directly and they can walk you through some steps. They may request a copy of some logs and maybe your database to check it out, and can provide you with help in restoring your database from the backups that they are automatically taking, if you don't happen to be backing it up nightly on your own. You are backing it up nightly on your own....right? RIGHT?! :)

  • Is the package actually being deployed or are you just seeing the schedule kick off according to your schedule trigger(s)? The stop deploying option will prevent the deployment but the schedule is still enabled and running when a package is awaiting approval.