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hotfixes not added after scan.


  After scanning a system I don't seem to be able to find a hotfix that should be installed.

Here is a snip of the search

I am looking for KB4012216. 

Here is a snip of the system where it shows the KB was installed...



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  • Does the Scan Profile you used contain the Hot Fixes scanner?

  • Then Scan Profile I used had it. I ran a get-hotfix on Powershell and id not find the KB in question. Did some searching and found this: 

    Is this what PDQ inventory is using?


  • KB4012216 was superseded, that's why the scan isn't picking it up. The monthly Cumulative updates overwrite each other.

  • Oh wait, you show that it's installed on that system. Hmm. I'll keep digging :)

  • You were correct. get-hotfix only shows the latest KB that was superseded. The Windows Update UI shows them all. I just need to ensure that the latest KB is added to the query.




  • I have an machine that is listing the hot fix by the full name not the KB number and doesn't include all of them such as the may monthly

  • @Wyman Chong

    Ah, cool.



    @Trav A. Tonsfeldt

    Is it showing the full name in the Name column of the Hot Fixes page in Inventory?

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  • That's normal for non-OS patches. 

    Is this the machine that doesn't include the May monthly?

  • This includes the latest patches

  • I have another machine doing the same but only has 3 hotfix listed on PDQ and has the latest Monthly

  • @trav You might want to Connect to the system and in Powershell do a get-hotfix to see how many entries you get. PDQ will only get what it is given. I have noticed a few systems where the WindowsUpdate DB is not updated or corrupted or updates are not actually happening.