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command switches for windows 10 1511

hi all,

upgrading my windows 10 from 1511 to 1703

i have copied the entire windows 10 folder to my local disk

i open up cmd, i enter this -

c:\win10x64_1703\setup /auto upgrade /quiet

but when i do that nothing happens (i was hoping to see the splash screen etc)

but when i do this -


i get the splash screen and it guides me through the upgrade

what am i doing wrong?

many thanks,




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  • Do you need drivers or anything migrated? The command you are running seems to match the documentation from the MSDN site. I don't see any issues with syntax or anything like that. Maybe it wants more information?

    You could try setup.exe /auto upgrade /migratedrivers all /dynamicupdate enable /showoobe none

    If you have a product key to enter throw a /pkey XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX -XXXXX to the end of it.

    Lemme know, this should work fine!


    How long did you wait before you decided it wasn't working? When doing it silently it's hard to know exactly what is going on in the background. You could add /copylogs <some path to put them> , and let the installation just sit and see what happens. Check the location you are copying logs to for any interesting information.

  • Mine runs this:

    setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet /migratedrivers all /ShowOOBE none /Compat IgnoreWarning /Telemetry Disable /NoReboot

    Takes about 20 minutes to deploy off a network share via 1000mbps, followed by a long bootup, and a long login.

    Probably 45 minutes altogether on a fast machine, for us.