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Command Line

I have been using C:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy\pdqdeploy.exe" Deploy -Package "Baseline" -Targets %ip% to deploy an start an package on MDT



Are their other options besides listing each machine? Like can i use an collection or Targetlist to send to?


I also tried to use the start schedule to do this but it doesn't work either



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  • You could do it with some powershell. I actually wrote an internal module for myself to use command-line rather than the Deploy console back before they had central server. If you'd like to check out the code you can find it here:


    Let me know if you need help understanding any of the Code. 


    Basically it gives you a menu based system to Select the Package(s) you want to deploy and to what Collection or Targets. You can scrape out whatever code you would like to do what you need. Of particular interest to you would be the call to GetCollectionTargets, and then add those targets to an array, and pass that array to the -Targets variable of pdqdeploy.exe.

  • I tried out the module however it seems to error out when trying to start the deployment from the server

  • Yeah, there is some special stuff you have to do on the server side first before it actual works. Has to do with the database and how it establishes connections. I linked it so you could really look at the code and see how I handled pulling things together to select my targets.

  • Stephen,

    At this point this I am truly an notice right now with PowerShell and coding in general right now and been working on understand some stuff

  • You can retrieve the members of a collection with "PDQInventory.exe GetCollectionComputers" and store that in a variable. Then you can call that variable in "PDQDeploy.exe Deploy -Package NAME -Targets $Targets". I did this with PowerShell.

  • I saw the GetCollectionComputers from his code however i also saw that he was having to separate the machines at the same time.  This doesn't seem to work from Powershell ISE

    Now to figure out how to use this to allow 1 person at 1 machine to send multiple different messages to our workstations

  • Where are the command lines documented?  I ask because I do not see anything in the PDQ Deploy documentation and searching for "-package" does not find any hit???


    Found it...under manually deploying, but it was a silly picture.


  • I don't there's documentation further than what you've found. But it is pretty self-explanatory and easy to wrap your head around. Just give it a try a few times, swear at it, and then eventually it'll work!

  • Thank you, past you! Couldn't pass lists into a variable from a CLI command... in ISE. Kept opening a new CMD process and doing nothing else in ISE. Tried it in a normal Powershell and it works perfectly. Cheers!


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