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Autodesk Design Review 2018

Hi, Are there any plans for an updated version of Autodesk Design Review? Thanks Jelle



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    Looks like we forgot to update this to let you all know this was added to the package library.

  • yos would be cool to have this now that they finally released a new version.

  • Did also come here to request this one.

  • Just wanted to add. It was quite easy to make the deployment. Just unzip the EXE (I used 7-zip).
    This is the path to the MSI:


    Use that to make the package. Also remember to check "Include entire directory". Use default MSI options.

    There are various windows components that you might or might not need to add as well. (.NET, C++ Redist and directx)

    They are located here:


    You would need to add them as the first steps (BEFORE the MSI step) in the package.


  • Thanks for that, will set this up when I get to office today.


  • Thanks!! I did the same thing!
    and as an addition I added a command step to uninstall previous versions:
    wmic product where "name like 'Autodesk Design Review 2008' call uninstall /nointeractive
    wmic product where "name like 'Autodesk Design Review 2009' call uninstall /nointeractive
    wmic product where "name like 'Autodesk Design Review 2010' call uninstall /nointeractive
    wmic product where "name like 'Autodesk Design Review 2011' call uninstall /nointeractive
    wmic product where "name like 'Autodesk Design Review 2012' call uninstall /nointeractive
    wmic product where "name like 'Autodesk Design Review 2013' call uninstall /nointeractive

  • Not to rain on your parade, but that is the worst possible way you could uninstall software. When you use the Uninstall() method on a WMI object it performs a reconfigure operation on EVERY installed piece of software on a machine. It's a performance nightmare. Have a look at your Event Logs now that you've done that, you'll see what I'm talking about. 


    The better option is to grab the UninstallString from the registry and execute it. The path is something like HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and then there are folders for each software underneath that. It takes a bit of sleuthing to get the right values, but the Powershell is very well and wildly documented online.

  • Hi Stephen,

    In most cases I totally agree with you. But for some unknown reason running the uninstall strings of Autodesk Design Reviews old versions time-out all the time when used... That is the reason why I fell back to WMI... we trigger the installation using a security group so this deployment is a one time thing.. So I am not too worried about users complaining about performance.

    Kind regards,

  • Just stoking the embers to see if a fire will light to get this one moving. Would really like a deployment package from PDQ, as they are the bee's knees, but I will attempt t mess this up on my own....HELP PDQ!!!!