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PDQ Deploy Enterprise - wol/packages randomly sent out wrong time

Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding PDQ Deploy Enterprise.
Strange thing happened Friday to all my client before 9:00 am.  

They all decided to Shutdown and then Wake back up.  We tracked it to PDQ Enterprise from my machine, as I do have both packages run on a schedule daily.
- My machine (Win 10) woke up at 8:44 am and then spawned off the the packages to wake and shutdown clients.  Not sure what woke my machine, and even so, I'm not sure why the scheduled packages took off, as they have not done this before at an odd time.  I do shut my machine down once a week or so. 

Here are the settings:
Preferences: Deployments - Retry Queue
    NOT checked - "Put Offline targets in Retry Queue"
    Grayed out - "Allow Retries 72 3 days"

    Not grayed out - 1 h - 0 m

Scheduled: - WOL - Every day at 10:40PM
     - Offline settings and Retry Queue - Use settings from Packages
     -Grayed out - checked "Put Offline targets in Retry Queue"
     -Options - checked - Stop deploying to remaining queued targets after 30 minutes.

Package: WOL - Offline settings - checked - Send Wake-on-Lan and attempt deployment
Step - bogus step - cmd - dir - success codes 0,1