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    Hey Jake, after reviewing the license we will not be able to offer this in the package library at this time:

    3. Transfer. You may not and you agree not to, or to enable others to, sell, re-distribute, rent, lease or sublicense the Software, except that if you purchased a Logicool product with this Software you may transfer the Software upon a permanent transfer of the Logicool product using the Software; provided that: (a) all Software updates in your use or possession are included in the transfer, (b) you do not retain a copy of the Software, full or partial, including copies stored on a computer or other storage device, and (c) the transferee reads and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

  • Just to let you know, LO is not the successor of SP, they both support different models from Logitech. But with SP in the package library adding LO shouldn't be a big deal ;)

  • Logitech Options Silent Install (How-To Guide) – Silent Install HQ
    Works now great. Please include in package library