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Packages With Reboot Step In The Middle

We purchased an upgrade to one of our standard apps, but some water has gone under the bridge since our last upgrade.  The developer/MSI package created did a pretty poor job of helping customers upgrade from an older release.  So I will need to uninstall, reboot, delete files, delete registry keys before deploying the current version. 

Any suggestions for the best strategy since there is nothing to prevent an employee from just leaving for the day when the deployment arrives (PCs cannot get to Windows without a preboot authentication), employees not connected back to VPN, etc. Is my only option to setup a collection where the software is missing and deploy to those PCs that come back online after my deployment has timed out?



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  • That's how I would do it. Create a Collection in Inventory for the machines with the older version of your application, and setup a Heartbeat schedule with your new package to deploy to the workstations. 

    The only question I have is: Is the application used a lot? If the application is currently being used and you try to upgrade it with your disruptive will that be to your end users? That would be my main consideration in doing this. Otherwise a Heartbeat schedule and a decent Retry Queue will solve the issue pretty easily.