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PDQ Inventory Service Monitor request and question

I would love to see some type of service monitor to alert you to services that are not running besides using auto reports with scanner.

We are trying to use PDQ to speed up or downtime however their are alot of moving parts.

I have created an package that enables the services for certain servers based on their required services to be started.

We have to disable and stop the services before the downtime and starting to have some issues enabling them.  I have most of it figured out however there are 2 services that are running on some machine but some of them have it disabled/stopped and i was using file scanner and an step that looks for the file to start to services or not however i wanted to know a better solution to fix an issue where sometimes it doesn't start the service.




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  • PDQ products are agent-less, so there is currently no way to implement a service monitor. I recommend setting up an NMS. At my last job I used Check_MK Raw Edition. I configured it to watch important services and send me an email if they stopped.

    As for the services sometimes not starting, that sounds like an issue with that software. We had services like that at my last job too. Sometimes they required manual intervention. 

  • Colby,

    I know their is talk about getting an agent and this is why i mention for an feature request. Looked into Check_MK however they don't have an compiled version for windows.

    I was trying to figure out an better way to script to start the services and deploy using PDQ to perform updates on the servers.  Using command line with file scanner and registry scanner to determine which server needs which service restarted all using 1 package. I thought powershell might be better however trying to figure out how to allow certain servers to start an service while others don't

  • Ah, ok. I will create an internal feature request ticket to see if that's something we can add to the agent.

    Yeah, I ran Check_MK on an Ubuntu VM. It's a single install file, so it's really easy to install. It can be a bit convoluted to configure, but once you figure it out it works pretty well. There are other NMSs out there that are probably easier to configure. My main requirement was that it was free :)

    At my previous job I wrote a PowerShell script to stop and start services in a specific order. It read data from an XML file so that it was easy to configure it for DEV, TEST, and PROD. I can sanitize it and post it if you think it would be helpful.

  • It might be useful.  It will allow me to start an service on one machine but not another? if so that would be great

  • Here it is. I didn't take the XML file with me, so it's going to take me a moment to construct an example.


  • I'm sorry, but I don't have time today to reconstruct that XML file. I'll get it to you sometime next week.

  • I updated the gist with an example XML file.