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Windows Update packages

There are a few packages in the Package Library (like .NET Framework and Powershell) that stop the Windows Update service before installing the update, then revert it after the update is finished. My question is this: if the package fails installing the update, the Windows Update service never gets restarted, correct (I'm assuming at least until the target is rebooted)?



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  • As far as I know the WUAUSERV service is just stopped to not to interfere with the installation. It does not set the service to disabled. So a reboot "starts" the serivce again.

    If the package fails to install, its the problem of the package/installer or some conflict with the system BUT it has no influence on the PDQDeploy helper which executed the installer and reports back the results. True, the Helper can crash as any ohet program can. Then the system state wont be restored, but this is a very rare ocasion and a simple restart resolves it.