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Deploy Console Alerts

Where does the information come from for example when my Console shows "8 AutoDeployments awaiting approval"? Is that an RSS feed, a database table? 

Is there any way I could auotmate the process of importing packages? 

I've got some Nested packages that rely on the latest versions of software coming from the Package Library, but I  CAN NOT NEST AUTO DEPLOY PACKAGES (Feature request ;) ;) ). It would be LOVELY if I could programmatically check the auto approve schedule, see there are new packages, and then import the packages (Feature Request: pdqdeploy.exe ImportPackage -PackageName ).



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  • I think I'm confused. Why wouldn't you just change the Approval time to be lower?

    As far as nesting Auto Deployment packages, we have an existing internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented.