Search within a dynamic collection?

We have a custom dynamic collection, which is correct showing all our computers which don't have a certain service installed.  So far, so good.


When looking at the computer in that collection, I want to search through it for computers which have certain characters strings in their names.  At the upper-right corner of the collection screen is the "type here to filter" box.  I had hoped that I could type in some characters and then computers with that string in the name would be the only ones shown.  However, this is not the case... it shows me *all* computers which meet that criteria, not just those from the collection which met that criteria.


So, does one search within a collection?  CTRL-F or F3 don't work.



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  • Do you have your custom collection selected in the left navigation tree?

  • I just tested this in the latest version of Inventory, and filtering within a custom collection works as expected. As Colby said, are you certain you have selected your collection from the tree on the left?


    Yes, I do have the collection selected correctly in the tree, BUT... I was reading the list of filtered computers incorrectly, thinking that one of the displayed computers was a different machine (which shouldn't be in the list, and isn't, but I mistakenly thought it was).


    My bad.

  • Whew, crisis averted! Glad you got it sorted and it wasn't a bug or bigger issue :)


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