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inventory printers

Will PDQ inventory, inventory printers? as of now I can't seem to find a way to have PDQ inventory printers the way it does for the All Computers dropdown left hand menu. I can see each computer as having printers listed but it would be nice to see a printers on the network and local printers as an option in the drop down as a I think what is referred to as a collection..




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  • PDQ products only work with Microsoft Windows PCs. You can manually add printers to PDQ Inventory, but it won't be able to scan them.

  • Here is an video about none scanable devices such has printers.  


  • I think it would be great to add network printers to PDQ Inventory showing up in a similar manner to PCs.  Printers are the hardest devices to keep track of on the network.

  • I would agree with this as well.  It can be difficult to track printers, so having them listed in the same inventory system as the PC's would be very useful.