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We often get random devices that cannot be on the domain. For example a device for our sign/Marquee.  Your Webcast, "Managing Domain and Non-Domain Machines Within PDQ" clued me in on how to scan these devices by adding a new scan profile. These devices have little in common. What would be a good way to create an Inventory profile to track these devices that are not on the domain and have different local admin profiles?



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  • I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand. What do you mean by "profile"? Are you talking about Collections and Credentials?

  • If I understand correctly I think what Jacquie is looking for help with is to create a scan profile for the non-domain endpoints so that they can be added to a dynamic collection and worked with from there since they only have local, rather than domain, admin accounts.

  • I meant "inventory collection" sorry ;/ How would I create a collection to keep track of these devices that are not in Active Directory? 

  • Assuming you have them in Inventory already, you can create a static collection and add them all by name. That would probably be the simplest and most straightforward way.


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