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I noticed that starting from Inventory v13 my routers and switches started to warn me (zabbix) about excessive flood of Multicast when scanning.

I flushed out those flooders and only thing I saw was that PDQInventoryScanner.exe did not end its process after success + SSDP Discovery service was enabled thus triggering it to flood.

When I stop SSDP service on "affected" PC, traffic went back to normal. (network management in domain isn't affected by SSDP and its disabled in GPO) but couple new PC-s were out of production OUs and that what I saw.

Do you guys have any idea is this really reason of multicast flood or there is something else too check?




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  • I ran some tests in my lab and as far as I can tell PDQ Inventory doesn't generate SSDP traffic or start the SSDP Discovery service if it is stopped. If PDQ Inventory is starting that service in your environment please contact Support.