Filter incompatible OS versions from collections



  • David Steeves

    I guess an alternative would be to change the PDQDeploy packages so that "Conditions not met: No steps were able to run" would be considered a success and not a failure. I could probably do this myself, but it would be nice if the packages came that way.

    Unless I'm not thinking of a scenario where reporting these deployments as failures instead of successes would be more beneficial.

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  • Colby Bouma
    1. Adding conditions to collections: We are not going to do that because it would hide machines that have old versions of the software that was still able to be installed on old OSs.
    2. Making it so all steps skipped is a success: I believe the reason it is currently a cause for failure is so that it grabs your attention and you can avoid deploying to that target in the future. In this case it would alert you that you should probably uninstall the application from those old machines since they can't be updated any more.

    If you would like to add your own filtering to the Collection Library you can create collections that point back to the Collection Library.

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