Re-Imaged PC with same name shows Offline now

Hey everyone,

I've re-imaged a laptop and with MDT rules it's been given the name it previously had (we use the Service Tag in name).  I did delete the laptop in AD before imaging.  I've moved that PC into a new OU in AD and that change reflects in PDQ Inventory but the machine shows "Target is Offline".  Is this because I didn't delete the computer in PDQ Inventory?  When I try to do a WAKE on the laptop in question, it asks to manually enter the MAC.  If I delete the entry in PDQ Inventory for the laptop, will PDQ Inventory automatically create a new entry for the machine and try to scan?  I have AD-Sync configured but haven't had an issue like this before.  I figured I'd ask before nuking it and possibly regretting it.

Thanks again for checking out my question,




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  • You can delete it from Inventory. After you do, do a manual Sync of Active Directory to get it to come right back:

  • You're the bomb!



  • Stephen,


    I Synced and the laptop populated again (Thanks for that).  I was unable to scan the machine while on just ethernet and I noticed the IP listed in PDQ Inventory for the laptop was the last known was the wireless IP address.  I have no issues scanning with a wireless connection to network but when I turn off wireless, the machine shows offline.  Can't seem to scan it when on ethernet.  Am I looking at a bigger issue than just PDQ Inventory scanning/connecting to the machine?

  • Sounds like something related to DNS to me. Remember, even when it's not DNS, it is always DNS :)

  • Isn't it always?  Thanks again!  Everything's cleared up.


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