Deploy GPUpdate to List of Computers

I have been trying to deploy out a gpupdate /force command to computers on my network using a batch script.

The command I have in the batch script is "echo n | gpupdate /force".

When deploying this is just shows running and will sit there indefinitely.

Anyone have any ideas how to push out this command remotely through PDQ Deploy?

I feel like this is a pretty basic command and I am sure I'm just missing something.



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  • Instead of using a batch file, why not just send the actual command shown below?

  • Which version of Deploy is that?

  • This is with PDQ Deploy 11.

    That is a good question. I have never deployed a command before using this and overlooked that I could input the command directly into the window.

    I will test that and see if that helps.

  • Inputting the command directly and then deploying it worked great!

    I figured it had to be something simple I overlooked.

    Appreciate it!


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