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Copy step where source is local to the target

I have a package that does:

Step 1. Install (msi)

Step 2. Copy shortcut from %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Folder\Shortcut.lnk to %PUBLIC%\Desktop

This works only when the file %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Folder\Shortcut.lnk exists on the central server, even though it doesn't actually need to be present for the action to succeed, since %SYSTEMDRIVE% is resolved on the target.

Is there a better way to do this using the File Copy step type, without needing the file(s) present on the central server? Sure I can just use a command or powershell step, but the File Copy step type feels more appropriate for this task.




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  • There is no way to get the Source of the File Copy step to look at the target. You will need to use a PowerShell or Command step for this.


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