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Dynamic collection for Microsoft Intune

I'm trying to create a dynamic collection for computers with Microsoft Intune installed. When Intune is installed there is no entry in Programs and Features. It is installed as a service. What is the best way to detect this for a collection?





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  • Perfect! Thanks. I was trying to use Name contains Intune.



  • Gotta watch out with Name and Services. A lot of time the executable is a shorthand version, or something really obscure. 

    You can run Get-Service in Powershell on a machine to see what the DisplayName (Title), and Name would be so you can build things out in Inventory. 


    Pro-Tip: You can run that right from a Remote Command in Inventory without having to leave the software ;)

  • So follow up question. How do I show all computers that do not have Intune installed?

  • However, Intune doesn't show as an application, it's a service so no version number that I see. I can't seem to make this work on a service.

  • Hi Ashley,

    Please attach a screenshot of the filters in your collection. Here is an example of a collection which shows computers that do not Intune installed as a service. I don't have intune in my environment so I can't verify that this works. I did replace Intune with another service that we have here to verify that the logic of the filters works. Make sure the two sub group filters are on the same level. Basically when you create each sub group make sure you have the top group (All) selected. Then place the value filters the appropriate group filter.

  • Thanks Shane. This is what worked for me.


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