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Custom Fields and AD Attributes

I'm doing a POC for management and I would like to show them that we can generate complex reports based on AD Attribute fields we are using to track departmental ownership (department attribute), Sponsor/Owner information (comment attribute), Physical/Virtual location (location attribute), etc., etc.

So far I'm not finding any way to connect an AD attribute to a custom field (or any way to add AD attributes to a report). I do see that the AD Description field is imported, but I need far more than just that field made available to me. What am I missing?



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  • Thank you for your suggestion. We have an existing internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented.

  • We populate the following AD computer object attributes with asset tag, serial number, and last interactive logon user using some nifty scripting to allow for easy search within AD. It works great when searching AD.

    • employeeID
    • employeeNumber
    • managedBy

    We set the asset tag and serial in the BIOS too, so PDQ Inventory picks up asset and serial, but it doesn't pick up the managedBy attribute...and sometimes due to typos and motherboard replacements, the asset tag and serial numbers don't always match.

    It would be nice if these three AD computer object attributes were collected in PDQ inventory AD scanner.  Bonus: Allow us to select which attributes to collect.  Thanks!

  • I'm going to also request this feature. In our Active Directory Attributes, we have Office Location, email address, physical address, and a few others. It would be nice to be able to run a report that shows what computers are in which office. We have 12 locations, so this would be helpful.

  • +1 On the request!! I work for a Government organisation and room location, device role, etc are set as AD attributes. At the moment I've got a scheduled task running that declares these as environment variables and Inventory can pick them up that way. Would be great to streamline and create dynamic collections based off this directly!

  • This should be implemented years ago. Custom Attributes are very much needed for inventory and for reporting purposes. Any timeline or any workaround for this?

  • I second the request for pulling AD Attributes. We store some good information in there that would be very helpful to inventory.

  • I would also like to use AD Attributes in custom variables. For instance, I would like to read the AD computer description (owner of computer) and use it as a custom variable in Inventory.


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