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Feature request - Export PDQ Deploy packages with files for offline/standalone networks

More and more companies need a way to patch or deploy software to a standalone/offline network. Our current process involves exporting the XML configuration file and transferring the installers separately via CD. It would be a really nice feature to have the option of exporting the complete package (via schedule would be even better) so that we can easily patch on offline networks. 


During the import phase, it would be cool if it is aware that it is a newer version of the same application so that it can overwrite the old one. Currently, we have to re-adjust the schedules and version numbers everytime we manually import. 


We have a powershell script that does most of this for us but it would be useful to have this integrated with PDQ as it may benefit many IT departments. 



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  • Thank you for your suggestion. I will create an internal feature request ticket for this. I have no ETA on when it could be implemented.