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I'm having some trouble getting a collection for MS Office to work. I'm in the middle of a gradual Office 365 rollout, and I'm leaving the old version of Office (either 2003 or 2007) temporarily installed until I can verify with each person that everything is working. Because of that, I'd like to create a collection that detects all PCs with both Office 365 and Office 2003/2007 installed. Problem is, every time I try to create one that should do that, I get no PCs in the collection, which I know is not the case. How should I create a collection to do that?



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  • Rob,

    I ran into a similar issue and I think I know what your problem is. Are you putting the filters for both applications into the same group filter? Like this:

    That will not work because PDQ is searching for a single application whose name contains both "Office 2010" and "Office 2016." Obviously no application meets those criteria.

    You need two put the value filters into different group filters, like this:

    Now it's searching for two different applications, each meeting its own criteria.

  • That worked for me except that the top-level group filter needed to be "Any", not "All". Thanks

  • Hm... that has not been my experience. I would think that if you filter to Any then you will get any computer with either version of Office, not computers with both versions. Would you mind posting a screenshot of your collection's filters?

  • I added another layer because there are a few specific PCs I needed to exclude from this collection (hence the top level "All" filter and the "Not Any" at the bottom), but the relevant part is in red box.

  • It still seems to me that you would be getting every computer that meets either condition, not both, but I could be mistaken. Maybe it's a RegEx thing.

    Glad it works for you!


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