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Please add Wireshark to the Package Library

It would help us a lot if Wireshark were included in the Package Library.  Here are the details:

Application Name:  Wireshark


Application Version:  2.4.2, 64 bit and 32 bit

Network Installation Guides/Documentation:

Download links to the Software:

Thanks for considering this request.





Date Votes
  • Yes please. Just went looking for this program and was surprised it's not there. We always fine old version of it in places where someone installed it to check one thing and it's sat for months or years.

  • I agree.  I was really surprised not to see this.  I'm guessing there are some extenuating circumstances making it difficult, but that would be good info to have.  Otherwise it just looks like these requests just die on the vine.

  • The free version of Npcap (a requirement for Wireshark) cannot be installed silently. That prevents us from adding it to the Package Library.

  • There's got to be a way. We have to use WSUS Package Publisher to install Wireshark silently. It's the only major 3rd party program we can't use PDQ for.

  • It's a licensing restriction. To get the silent installer for Npcap, you have to purchase a license. It's likely possible to create your own silent installer for the free version, but we would never be able to distribute something like that in the Package Library.