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Computer unreachable or offline

Hi everybody

We are using PDQ for about 2 years now. everything works fine, but since a couple of days my own computer is for PDQ Inventory unreachable. 

If i try remote repair, only create service didn't fail.

Connect to IPC$ Share - The network name cannot be found

Access Admin$ Share - The network path was not found

Read Privileges - The RPC server is unavailable

I really don't know why. If i ping my computer from the server where PDQ is running, it's working fine. Even the name resolution if i try nslookup works fine. I don't get why he shouldn't find the network name. 

There're about 400 computers in our network but it only has problems with my computer. Windows Firewall is configured with GPO and still off. As far as i know didn't change anything on my computer wich could be responsible for this problem. 

Does someone know what this could be?

Thanks for your help



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  • Hi, 

    I too am getting this on PDQ Inventory. I have just downloaded the trial today as we have been a PDQ Deploy site for a while now. I'm running  Inventory version

    I have installed PDQ Inventory on my local PC for now. All machines in the domain are scanning fine except my local PC.

    Remote Repair scans then returns...

    IPC$ Share - The network path was not found
    Admin$ Share - The network path was not found

    Create Service - working [ticked]
    Read Privileges - working [ticked]

    Troubleshooting I have done:

    • Start > cmd > "net share" shows IPC$ and Admin$ shares exist.
    • Windows firewall disabled on all 3 profiles (no other firewall installed)
    • Computer Browser service is started (and restarts successfully)
    • Server service is started (and restarts successfully)
    • ping and name resolution all working fine from remote computers
    • I can browse \\computername\c$\ and see other shares on my PC from remote computers

    Not sure what else to look at...

    On a related point, when go into Options > Preferences > .NET Installation and click 'download .NET Now' I see the download progress, then get a warning when saving to disk..."unable to copy .net installer to the server. Please manually copy C:\users\<username>\desktop\DotNet452.exe' to '\\<mylocalcomputer>\c$\programdata\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\DotNet452.exe'. The network path was not found.

    Any tips?


  • just to answer my own question. After further troubleshooting I had issues with the NetLogon service on my PC. This was down to a known bug in the version of Webroot I was using. Uninstalling Webroot, then rebooting, caused the NetLogon service to start, which allowed me to run PDQ Inventory on my own PC.