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Deploy Office365 to non-domain computer

We have PDQ Deploy up and running fine in our domain. But there is one scenario where I'm having problems. I am deploying apps to a non-domain joined computer. I set up a second option for the Credentials to log on as the local administrator. I modify the network config on the client to allow remote connections. Most of the packages install fine with this arrangement. But I am having problems with Office 365.

I am using the procedure described in the Knowledge base article 'Silently Install Office 265' by Annalisa Williams to install it. This procedure works when the computer is connected to the domain, but it fails to a non-domain computer with the error 'The user name or password is incorrect.' I understand that this is caused because the local Administrator can't connect to the repository on the server. If I map the drive before I launch the deployment it works.

Why are most of the packages able to install but not this one? I suspect because it isn't using the normal install step.

My question is: Is there a way to make the package able to connect to the server? I've thought of adding a Command step where it maps the drive. But this would mean I have to put the PDQ domain user's password in the script.

Can you suggest another way? Or do I just have to always map the drive before I deploy?

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  • You can run the Office 365 installer as an install step instead of a command step. That should eliminate the need to pull from the network share, as it'll use PDQ Deploy's push function instead. See below: