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New features for Pro subscritions!?

Deploy (Pro) and Inventory (Pro) are no longer available for new customers.
Only "Free" and "Enterprise" are left.

Support for existing "Pro" subscritions runs out 12/2018.

I fear all new features from now are only for "Enterprise" or "Free" and "Pro" gets no more love.

Please give us "Pro" users more love until 12/2018, for example enable new "Enterprise" Features for us too, like the new condtion feature "PDQ Inventory Collection" in Deploy 15





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  • What the?! Pro editions being dropped? When was this announced?

  • It's not official announced yet, but i opend a ticket 1,5 weeks ago because the "Pro" edition is no longer availbele on the homepage.

    The answer is what i wrote:
    - No "Pro" editions for new customers
    - Support for "Pro" until 12/2018
    - Existing "Pro" customers can extend the subscription, but after 12/2018 they can not upgrade to a new Version in 2019 without losing old "Pro" functions.

    I think ist only fair to activate new Features for "Pro" too until this time.

    It's a win win Situation

    Pro users can "feel" the benefit of new features and the chance they upgrade to enterprise is higher.



  • Yeah - good job kneecapping your userbase.  No public announcement, no warning or notes before upgrade process. Previous paid-for functionality in this product is now disabled.  I use auto-deployments extensively with Deploy Enterprise and Inventory Pro.  Now that doesn't work.  So you're forcing me to pay more for capability I've already purchased??

  • Unless there's a really good sweetener involved I doubt I'll be able to justify to our management that moving to Enterprise licenses for my team will be money well spent. Not when we also have Lansweeper that can now do software deployment as well as auditing. The price difference between Pro and Enterprise is just too high for us, and Free is (understandably) too limiting in features.

  • @b2038942

    Can you please elaborate on your issue? Deploy Enterprise should still work just fine with Inventory Pro. I tested Deploy Enterprise Local with Inventory Pro in my lab and I was able to link schedules to collections.

  • THX PDQ Team for this!

    Announcing The Sunsetting of Pro Mode

    If you are a current PDQ Pro Mode customer, we wanted to make you aware that will be discontinuing the sale and renewal of our Pro Mode licenses. In order to help facilitate this transition, over the next few months all active Pro Mode licenses will be automatically upgraded to Enterprise Mode at no additional cost. In addition, your current (Pro Mode) annual renewal price will remain unchanged for at least two years if renewed within 30 days of your license expiration date.

    This transition will allow us to focus on developing more powerful features for our PDQ products and better serve our community of users. We appreciate the trust you place in us and our products. Enjoy the increased functionality of Enterprise Mode.

    Thank you for your continued Support.

    The PDQ Team