Office 2016 Click-To-Run deployment returns error -1073740791 despite install being successful



  • Brigg Angus

    Hi David. There are a few options here.

    That error is usually indicative of an update issue. Since it's not a fatal error, it could indicate that a component dll or other file is missing, corrupt, or at a version lower than expected. When the machine was reinstalled, were all updates run, including those for other Microsoft products (if applicable)?

    If you are certain the install is completely successful, then you can add -1073740791 as a success code on the Command Step.

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  • drpitts

    I received the same error on one of my deployments today:

    11:58:21 AM | Installing 12:00:14 PM | ODT Exit Code: -1073740791

    I found that the software was installed correctly based off my XML config but it just wasn't licensed via our DBA tenant.

    I ran the OPPT.exe again with the -NoInstall -NoUninstall switches and everything finished successfully and the O365 deployment was licensed and fully functional.

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