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Request for Help -- Deployment at User Logon or Deployment at Machine Startup

I'd like to set up either of the following scenarios.  

A) Batch File runs at user logon -- In other words, I need PDQ Deploy to detect any user logon and continue to retry deployment until that condition is met.  The batch file I'm running is CU specific.  This is the most optimal route


B) Batch File runs at system startup -- I can reproduce the function above with a simple call statement in our logon script or in the common startup folder under program data.


Does anyone know if these are possible or should I stick with GPO to do this?






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  • I am no PDQ expert, but use it a lot. My guess is that you would be better off doing this via gpo.

  • You can use Powershell to start a deployment, look for the PDQ Blogs here.

    But i think the better solution ist the heartbeat trigger in combination with a link to a custom (or existing) PDQ Inventory Cbollection (old).

    For example:
    Flash Update Firefox -> New schedule ->Triggers: Heartbeat ->Target: Link to -> PDQ Inventory Collection -> Collection Libary > Runtimes >Flash >Flash for Firefox > Flash for Firefox (old)

    Be sure you set up the "Scan after Deployment" to Application in Options -> Preferences -> Deployment.

    After the the Deployment and the scan the pc move from "Flash for Firefox (old)" to "Flash for Firefox (latest)". The deployment repeats until all PCs are at the latest Version.