How to run Patchcleaner as a tool

I've setup Patchcleaner like this: 

Tool type "local"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeDev\PatchCleaner\patchcleaner.exe" \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)\c$\

When I choose a computer/server to run it on I get the remote command box and it asks me to choose a computer.  I choose one and then it asks me again to choose a computer.

I tried to set it up like windirstat example.



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  • 1. You cannot run on your computer app for remote pc what does not have remote capabilities e.g. like windirstat have mapping option.

    2. Run as Remote Command, works. Install PatchCleaner, copy installed app folder to your repository and use command switch /d - delete or /m - move

    2. Use Deploy. Works. Same as previous.

    3. Get creative, play with psexcec or make powershell, batchfiles etc. remember only that app must be executed from local pc, from where does not matter :)

    Happy testing!


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