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Inventory Scan not returning results?

I recently moved to a new organization and was trialing PDQ Inventory and came across an issue I havent seen before, hopefully someone here might have some insight so I can move forward with a purchase if/when all works well:

When inventorying 600+ PC's, I am only getting results back for 66.  When I run the standard inventory, I see it queue up, transition to running, then after 20 seconds or so transitions to saving, but only the last succesful scan date is updated.  The icon remains the same (grey question mark) and no information on the Uptime, Current User, Manufacturer, Model, Serial #, Memory or CPU Name is updated (From the inventory view), nor is any information available in the any of the detail view items.

In looking at the event log on my PC where I installed the trial, I see the following in the Application Log after each 'failed' attempt:

Scan results could not be copied 'C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Scans\3829.finished.db.gzip'

In looking at one of the PC's in question that was being scanned, I was able to catch this from the output.log file as a scan was attempted:

<Error><Message>The type initializer for 'AdminArsenal.Data.SQLite.SqliteEngine' threw an exception.</Message><Type>System.TypeInitializationException</Type><StackTrace> at AdminArsenal.Data.SQLite.SqliteEngine..ctor(SqliteConnectionString connectionString)
at AdminArsenal.Data.SQLite.SqliteConnectionPool.Checkout()
at AdminArsenal.Data.SQLite.SqliteConnection.Open()
at AdminArsenal.Data.SQLite.SqliteConnection.OpenConnection(SqliteConnectionString connectionString)
at AdminArsenal.PDQInventory.DatabaseManager.Connect(Boolean threadPool)
at AdminArsenal.PDQInventory.ScannerProgram.ExecuteScan(String[] args)</StackTrace><Data Name="HResult">-2146233036</Data><Error><Message>Access is denied</Message><Type>System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception</Type><StackTrace> at AdminArsenal.Data.SQLite.SqliteEngine..cctor()</StackTrace><Data Name="Error Code">5</Data><Data Name="HResult">-2147467259</Data></Error></Error>

The service.log file seems normal, but see that the "Waiting for process to end..." is significantly shorter (10 lines vs 55 or so) than PCs with a successful inventory.

Anyone have any thoughts?



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  • Were you able to find a solution to your issue? If not, please contact

  • Were you ever able to find a solution to this I am having a similar thing happening to me as well.

  • New installation having exactly this problem.

    Scan Status: "Unable to copy scan results file from target"

    More Info: Access to the path is denied. 

    Have opened a support case with no reply. All tests and remote repairs pass. I can access the ADMIN$ share from the pdq host. The scan use has domain admin rights. Firewall not blocking connections. 


    Anyone have a suggestion? 

  • How long ago did you open your support case? They usually seem to reply within a business day.

    It could be your AV.

  • Since I had no reply from yesterday morning's case, I opened another case this morning.

    My AV has the full exclusions. That was one of the first places I looked, but thanks!