PDQ Deploy and Inventory Installs



  • GrantG

    Yeah, would be great if we could make/download a package of it, with preconfigured settings or at least silent install parameters.

    For example:

    msiexec.exe /i "PDQInventory_15_0_1_0.msi" Mode=Client Servername=PDQServer ServerPort=7337 Licensekey=KDFJDK121H43H24HJ3JH34134G143JH34 /qn /norestart


    Yes, I know you can push it out with default settings and it will upgrade previously installed clients.  But automated fresh installs are even better!



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  • Alecia Pitt

    Agreed. Our environment also has the central server version and I just rolled out the new version to our client versions. Package was easy to build, but I'll have to repeat this process over and over again with every update I run on the server. It'll save everyone a lot of time in the long run if this a package included in the package library.

    I know this is a forum for packages in the Package Library, but another idea is to have a pre-configured dynamic groups for computers with PDQ Inventory and Deploy installed as well. Even better if there are sub-groups dividing versions of PDQ up so it's easier to run an upgrade. Just a thought even though the groups were easy to make.



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