Meltdown-spectre patch collections

Please could we could a collection in Inventory that shows which computers are and which aren't patched against the meltdown-spectre vulnerabilities.




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  • This may prove difficult right now as patches are still coming out for various parts of these exploits almost daily still. It is also important to draw a line between the Operating System level patches and the Hardware (microcode) type patches from the HW vendors.

    Speaking specifically on the OS patches, there are various [KB#######] HotFixes for different OSs that are supposed to patch these exploits.

    Given the variations between OS patches, I have been trying to collect the various "Hot Fix" patches to look for and have created the following list that can be put into a Dynamic Collection to see if any of them are present as seen here:

    • KB4056894
    • KB4056897
    • KB4073290
    • KB4073291
    • KB4057144
    • KB4057142
    • KB4056897
    • KB4056898
    • KB4056890

    If anyone can expand on this list of KBs to check for on various OSs maybe we can compile a better list for this Dynamic Collection in PDQ.

  • Thanks so much for this!


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