Package condition dilema

For every package I have, I have 2 collections. 1) all endpoint with the package. 2) all endpoints with an old version of the package. 

I process updates once a month. Tp make life easier, and not run into multiple packages trying to install at once on an endpoint, I have a schedule that includes all the packages. The target of that schedule is all endpoints. Each package has a condition that they have to be members of the "old version" collection for that package.

I run into 2 things. 

1) for the schedule deployment, I get a lot of failed because an endpoint does not meet the condition. Not all endpoints have every package. This just makes it harder to quickly see how the deployment went.

2) If i try to push a package on a new endpoint, it also fails because it does not meet the condition. 


I need a way to only show failed messages when a package should have installed and didn't and to allow me to force a package on an endpoint.




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  • I recommend 1 Schedule per Package, targeted at the corresponding "old version" Collection, with "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" disabled, and no Collection Condition on the Packages.

    not run into multiple packages trying to install at once on an endpoint

    Deploy already handles this. It will add deployments to a queue, and process them 1 by 1.


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