Deploying Windows 11 on Windows 10 machines

How do I deploy the windows 11 update to windows 10 machines that are eligible with PDQ Deploy?



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  • PDQ Deploy wasn't built to handle operating system deployments due to many variables that may (and often do) cause problems during the feature upgrade. Additionally, due to significant changes to the OS, Windows often reboots through the upgrade process. During reboot, the target machine will kill the Deploy runner service resulting in a loss of connectivity to the PDQ Deploy console machine.
    If you would like to use Deploy to perform a feature upgrade (not supported or recommended), we do have a video here which goes over how you can make it work as smoothly as possible: Windows Feature Updates

    For some additional reference on this, please check out our Managing feature updates with PDQ Deploy & PDQ Inventory blog article.  This post outlines the process for upgrading a target machine from Windows 10 21H1 to 21H2, which should be similar to upgrading to Windows 11.


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