wrong uptime

i've got one device with wrong uptime 

the uptime the pdq is showing is 36241 days


the device was rebooted a few times but still the uptime not changing


how can i fix it?



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  • What does Inventory show for Boot Time on that computer? You can find it by opening the computer, going to the Computer tab, then looking under General. If it says 1923, then the clock is wrong on that computer.



    but the real uptime is 6 days

  • Ah, the clock is set to the future, not the past. That makes more sense :)

    Still, the clock on that computer is wrong, or at least was when it booted. That's not Inventory's fault.

    Also, make sure fast startup is disabled: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-windows-10-fast-startup

  • i checked the time and it's the correct time

    also fast startup is disabled


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